foot care

Foot Care

Keeping your feet clean is very important and is the main way of preventing infections. Wash your feet regularly in  warm water, you can add foot salts or like wise products to make water soapy and smell nice. Rinse them well and dry gentle with a soft towel, taking particular care to dry between the toes. A lady told me she gets the hair dryer out to dry in between toes because she can't reach them, also using cotton wool  to dry between the toes is what some clients do to.

To stop patches of dry skin building up, use a chiropody sponge or punice stone or foot file now and again but don't use too much force, just go gentle on the areas. You can get Pumice stones from Chemists or I have some in the shop. If the nails are looking white, damaged or fungal looking then I would suggest putting some tea tree oil on the nails regularly to help bring the nail up healthy. This can take some time as you have to wait for the white or damaged area to grow out which for the whole nail can be up to a year.

Buying new shoes

When buying new shoes it is important to bear in mind the following points: It is essential that shoes,boots and slippers fit properly and allow your feet to breathe. There should also be a half-inch gap between the ends of your toes and the ends of the shoes. They should fit snugly at both the heel and the instep. The shoes should have a fastening such as a strap or laces which will help to keep your heel to the back of the shoe and stop your toes getting squashed.

Make sure the shoes are wide enough. The widest part of your feet should rest in the widest part of the shoe. As you get older the size and shape of your feet may change so try and get your feet measured when buying shoes, also if you have lost weight or gained weight this can effect your shoe size.

When you try a new pair of shoes on make sure you stand up and walk around in them, make sure your feet feel safe and secure when you walk in them. Most people want firm non-slip soles, but if you have difficulty lifting your feet you may need soles that let your feet slide over surfaces.

Make sure you can get your shoes on and off by yourself, a shoe horn with a long handle could help, if you find shoes laces difficult you could try footwear with Velcro fastening.

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