foot treatments


Professional Chiropody treatment £22 / 30 mins.

Starts with an initial anatomical and circulatory assessment of your feet.  Nails will be cut and filed, cleared and checked for ingrowing, the nails if thick can be reduced down with a drill. Hard skin and corns can be removed with a sterile scapel or any other problems can be dealt with. Advice will be given, then the treatment ends with a foot massage.

Professional Nail Cut - £15 / 15 mins

Nails are cut and filed, cleared and checked for ingrowing and reduced down if thick, this also ends with a foot massage.

Revitalising Foot and Lower leg massage - £20 / 20 mins

A revitalising massage for those tired and aching feet and legs. Ideal if you have difficulties getting down there yourself, helps your lymphatic system with water retention and leaves you feeling relaxed. Can be enjoyed after a Chiropody treatment or on it's own to relax and revitalise you.

Diabectic foot assessment - £25 / 30 mins

Circulatury, Neurological and Anatomical assessment, with written report to takeaway.

Biomechanical Examination - £40 / 45 mins

Have you got aches and pains in your feet? Arch hurting? Pain in heel? A biomechanical examination could help you find out why and how to prevent problems of your feet, or stop them from getting worse.

Your walking gait pattern will be assessed along with range and quality of motion of your hips, knees, leg and feet bones, depending on the problems an orthotic insole could be prescribed to re-balance your natural walking gait pattern. These range from simple insoles with padding to special orthotics designed to your feet. Prices range from £10-100.

Verrucae treatment - £22 / 30 mins

Advice given and appropriate treatment given for your verrucae, freezing available if thought would benefit. Repeat verrucae treatments £15 / 15 mins.

Warm Paraffin Wax therapy - £25 / 30 mins

Layers of wax and warmth are very therapeutic for aching arthritic feet., helps to rehydrate dry feet and hands.  The feet or hands are dipped in warm wax, layers are built up and then left to release the heat into your feet or hands. The wax is removed and a gentle massage is given to the feet or hands with creams. Recommended as having several treatments to get the full benefit £50 for 3 Treatments.

Mobile appointments available for people house bound, these are at 4pm after the shop has shut, these are mainly in the Whittlesey area, but will come out to Peterborough at £5 cost for petrol.