The verruca and wart are caused by the Human papilloma virus  HPV which induces benign spontaneously regressing epithelial tumors in the skin and mucosa. They represent one of the most common viral infections of the skin.  The condition can be related to the use of shared facilities in swimming pools, sport areas and gyms. The verruca is the name for a wart on the foot. In the early stages in the area the primary dermal ridge is interrupted, so where you have the skin lines  there is an area that hasn't got this the pattern looks different, later the area can look cloud like or  a cauliflower pattern. Dilated capillaries may appear looking like red, dark brown or black spots. Weight bearing areas on the foot can change there appearances and some people mistake them for corns or callous. These areas can become very painful and that is why people realize they are there. As sometimes this is an area you may not look at often.  To treat or not? Pain or disability for any reason constitutes the main reason for active treatment. In cases that are pain-free like in young children and young adults sometimes it is best not to treat them and see if they go away on their own as they have a good immune system which is able to get rid of them their selves


Stick to the natural things when dealing with verrucas . Tea Tree oil is Anti Septic Anti Fungal and Anti Viral.

Take the verruca down with either a emery board or fine piece of sand paper and throw away! Next apply the Tea Tree oil on area with a cotton bud, then put some padding over the area, either a plaster or I use fleecy web a pink fleecy padding which peels off and sticks to the skin. This stays on in the bath as well as shower but eventually loses  it's stickyness and comes off. Leave on for 4-5 day and re do everything.  Duck tape applied to area and left on for several days has been known to work as it suffocates the area. Also banana skin! Scrap the white substance from the skin of a banana and apply to verruca after it has been taken down the put a pad over. Dandelion stalks contain an Anti Viral agent as well so get the sap out of them and try putting that on your feet, then pad over.