Welcome to Joes Toes; Peterborough Chiropodists

Joe's Toes: Peterborough Chiropodists

Joes Toes is a Chiropody service.

All areas of foot treatment are covered from basic nail cuts to Bio-Mechanical assessments.  Diabetic checks done and advice given on care and maintenance.

My name is Joanna Smith I am owner and Chiropodist at Joes Toes. I have worked for several large companies including Scholl and Shuropody so I know first hand what to offer clients and what they want from a chiropodist. You can be confident you are in good hands.

I don't want people to feel like there on a conveyor belt, I like to give a friendly touch. I don't force products on to people which are not needed. I like to think that I give a personalised service at an affordable price. Lots of people say their feet feel like there walking on air when they leave. I am a registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist with the Health Care Professional Council. This means if you have private health insurance you can claim your chiropody treatment money back.

Covering all aspects of Chiropody

Joe's Toes: Peterborough Chiropodists

I also have in the shop some shoes sandals and slippers for
ladies and men.

The gentle grip socks are £5 for 3 pairs (they have soft tops).

Gift vouchers available for people who feet swell.

Also available are other non-elastic socks, foot creams and other foot related products.

I am a medically trained Chiropodist / Podiatrist.

I can treat and give advice on the following: Corns, Callous, Cracks, ingrowing toenails, Thickened toe nails, Fungal nails, Verrucae, Diabectic feet and Biomechanical examinations.

I am an experienced Health Care Professional Council
registered Podiatrist / Chiropodist and a member of the
Institute of Chiropodists, a member of the British Chiropody Society - I follow the Goverments regulations on sterilising instruments and attending medical updates.